Silver jewelry is how to maintain?

A lot of friends like sterling silver ornaments, but they don’t

know how to maintain it. In fact, we just need to spend some

time in our daily life, so we can make the silver ornaments as

new as possible.

1, silver is the best maintenance method to wear every day,

because the body oil can produce natural and moist luster.

2, when wearing silver jewelry, don’t wear other precious metal

jewelry at the same time, so as not to bump, deform or abrade.

3, keep the silver dry, do not wear swimming, do not approach

hot springs and sea water. When not in use, cotton or facial

tissue can be used to gently wipe the surface, remove moisture

and dirt, and put it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact

with air.

4, if the discovery of silver has yellow signs, the easiest way

to use toothpaste, add water, light wash the surface. Or use

a small brush clean silver jewelry jewelry slits, then rub

silver cloth to wipe the surface, we can immediately restore

the original beautiful decoration. (if you use rub silver cloth

to restore about eight or nine of silvery white, don’t use the

mop silver milk and wash water, because they are corrosive, some

silver jewelry will become more easy to turn yellow after the

use of these products. In addition, wipe silver cloth

containing silver maintenance ingredients, can not be washed

5, silver yellow too serious, wash with water immersion time

should not be too long, generally a few seconds, take out

immediately after use clean water, and then dry with tissue



Surface treatment method of common silver ornaments

The easy oxidation of silver is a flaw in it and a headache for

consumers and producers alike. At present, there are several

kinds of silver surface treatment methods in domestic market,

such as further oxidation, electroplating and disposal.

Further oxidation and untreated is to make full use of the

characteristics of the silver oxide black, using oxidant deepen

silver surface oxidation, or by natural oxidation of the silver

surface, the effect and mechanism of color more rich in silver


And the real way to prevent silver jewelry surface oxidation

is electroplating, the current common silver plating, rhodium

plating, palladium plating and so on.

The goldsmith production of silver jewelry mainly in the deep

oxidation treatment and sand electroplating processing.


Silver jewelry maintenance common sense

Many people like silver, but do not know how to maintain it,

and even think that silver is very difficult to maintain, and

this is not the case. Silver chemical properties as platinum

and gold, often because of the air water or other chemical

substances and black oxide or yellowing and lose luster in the

understanding of this feature, we only need in daily life to

spend little effort, you can make your own silver wear long as

the new.

Do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time, so

as to avoid collision, deformation or abrasions. Keep the

silver dry. Don’t wear swimming. Keep away from the hot springs

and the sea.

After each wear, cotton or facial tissue can be used to wipe

the surface, remove moisture and dirt, and then stored in the

sealed bag, to avoid contact with the air.

Silver is the best maintenance method to wear every day, because

the body oil can produce natural and moist luster.

A silver sculpture made of fine and solid sculpture,

Avoid deliberately polishing the light.

If you find the silver change yellow sign, should be the first

to use small brush to clean silver jewelry jewelry slits, and

then wipe the surface of silver cloth swab, you can restore the

original silver so silver and bright.

It is recommended that you: if use wiping silver cloth to

restore about 80% of silvery white, there is no need to use

wiping silver milk and wash water, because these products have

a certain corrosive, silver is used in these products, will be

more easy to turn yellow. Wipe silver cloth containing silver

maintenance ingredients, not washable.

If you do not usually wear after the silver handle and

collection, it is very possible to make silver black. Then you

should use a small brush to clean jewelry jewelry slits, and

then wipe the silver cream dripping on the surface of paper,

silver surface black oxide wipe, and then wipe silver jewelry

cloth to restore the original light. After that, remember to

do the daily general maintenance, to avoid silver again black,

silver in many times after dark, it is difficult to wipe white.

These are some of the basic considerations, the following

details of the electroplating and electroplating of silver

maintenance methods:

First of all, to distinguish whether there is no electroplating

(silver is generally divided into electroplating and no


Electroplating silver jewelry, the inner layer for the silver,

on the surface of current treatment; electroplating in general

is divided into power gold and platinum; identification method

of electroplating the surface sheen is the pure silver for light,

like a mirror, reflective effect, it is not easy to oxidation

(as the plating thickness determine the oxidation time).

Electroless silver jewelry, it is easy for curing and lose

luster, (in the air of sulfur dioxide and silver chemical

reaction to form a layer of silver sulfide in silver jewelry

with open Apple will gradually become black.).


Simple handling of electroplated silver jewelry is as follows:

1, first to the nearby Chinese medicine or pharmacy purchase

a packet of alum;

2, and then you wear the silver jewelry to water 10:: alum 1

proportion boiled with water (water must be boiling);

3. Remove the silver jewelry and put it into cold water. Brush

with soft brush (such as toothbrush) with toothpaste or washing

milk or salad;

4, blow dry, and then wipe with suede can be as bright as new.

The types of electroplated silver that can be dealt with are:

A. Necklace (available in all sizes)

B. Pendant

C. rings (with or without gemstones)

D. bracelet, bracelet (thickness can)

E. silver ornaments are made of plastic or the like


Simple handling of electroless silver jewelry is as follows:

(Note: the following methods have limitations: A. silver

jewelry silver jewelry with plastic like B.; vulcanization

treatment, vulcanization process: silver in silver on the

purchase, the black part as a totem pattern, with black paper


1, fire (lighter) can bake silver jewelry, damage its surface

structure, baking time, depending on the size of silver jewelry,

thick and thin, commonly known as: excessive;

2, after cooling, and then put it into alum water boil, boiling

and then take out silver jewelry, put into cold water, with soft

brush (such as: toothbrush) with toothpaste or washing milk or

salad cleaning;

3, to blow dry, and finally to wipe silver cloth or wipe silver

powder polishing, you can present a sterling silver color;

The above non electroplating silver jewelry processing way,

must pay attention to the following several points:

1, thin necklace or fine silver, “excessive” when the same

location can not stay too long;

2, silver jewelry inlaid gem after “excessive”, can not

directly immersed in cold water, must wait for its natural

cooling, otherwise, gem easily broken;

Silver jewelry, fine cleaning 3 available iron brush, better

effect (only fine silver, iron brush to clear first);

4, the usual maintenance available when wiping silver cloth or

mop wipe silver jewelry, if you have to wipe the silver cloth

to wipe silver or polished, can use the above method (cannot

use wiping silver cloth or mop wipe silver case is you too long

didn’t care!) Do not use wash water or wipe silver paste well,

that is just the chemical potions temporarily keep you shiny

jewelry, medicine is harmful to human body, and the effect is

worse and worse, damage degree of silver are cut off the skin.

In addition to a make light of the silver tip, put forward

reference for everyone here: if you want to make the newly

bought silver more light and avoid its black, after the surface

is coated with a thin layer of transparent nail polish, every

ten days again daub. If you want to remove nail polish, can be

soaked with banana water, and then rinse with water.

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