Tips on how to maintain jewelry

  1. When wearing earrings, it is best not to let the sun shine, especially golden ones, which are more prone to fading.
  2. It’s best not to get earrings wet.
  3. If the earrings are not worn for a long time, it is best to put them in a small box so that they will not be oxidized.
  4. Ear hooks should be wiped regularly and erythromycin eye ointment should be used, which is both hygienic and anti-inflammatory.
  5. Try not to wear earrings during exercise or household chores to avoid loss or damage due to excessive swing of the earring citation.
  6. Do not let the earrings come into contact with acidic or alkaline liquids to prevent corrosion and loss of luster.
  1. During the normal wearing process, it is important to avoid jewelry from coming into contact with chemicals such as acids and alkalis in daily life, as well as being too cold or overheated. Acids and alkalis can corrode the surface of metals.
  2. In addition, when doing heavy physical work and strenuous exercise, it is best not to wear a necklace. After removing it, remember to store it separately to avoid causing wear or entanglement on the necklace;
  3. Regular cleaning is necessary in daily life. The commonly used cleaning method is to rinse and dry with clean water. You can also use neutral cleaning solution or specialized jewelry cleaning solution to clean the necklace.
  4. Send the necklace to the jewelry store for polishing treatment: The necklace needs to be regularly sent to the jewelry store for polishing and precision plating treatment, in order to restore the original brilliance of the jewelry.

1) 18K gold should avoid direct contact with high volatility and chemicals such as detergent, perfume, sea water, and avoid winding hair or rubbing hard objects.

2) When wearing 18 karat gold, do not participate in intense activities. Due to intense activity, it is easy to cause damage or deformation to the pendant, which can also cause corrosion caused by sweat stains.

3) Before wearing 18K gold, carefully check the key parts of the jewelry, such as chain links, buckles, etc., to avoid falling off.

4) Do not touch the surface of an 18 karat diamond with your hands or other skin. Use clean paper or oil absorbing makeup paper to wipe it off.

5) When not suitable for wearing 18K gold, be sure to carefully place it in the jewelry box. Diamond jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratches caused by friction with other jewelry.

6) Have a professional inspect your diamond jewelry once a year to see if the embedded teeth are secure.

Gems are a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature. After being meticulously crafted by craftsmen, gemstones are even more exquisite and dazzling, especially the embedded jewelry that is highly sought after by many people. Faced with these rich meanings of jewelry, everyone definitely wants to make them timeless, which requires daily maintenance. Below are some maintenance methods for inlaid jewelry.

1. If embedded jewelry is squeezed, it can deform and easily cause the gemstones to loosen and fall off. Therefore, when taking a shower, sleeping, or taking a bus, the jewelry should be removed.

2. Some gemstones are fragile, such as emeralds, while hard diamonds have four splitting directions, which can also crack when violently hitting hard objects. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear jewelry during exercise and labor.

3. When wearing jewelry, it is important to avoid contact with chemicals, cosmetics, and highly corrosive cleaning agents, as well as to stay away from strong heat sources, X-rays, and radioactive substances.

4. Organic gemstones such as pearls and corals are afraid of acid corrosion, and sweat is also a killer of organic gemstones. Avoid contact with such gemstones such as vinegar and acidic cleaners, and avoid direct contact with the skin in summer. Before collecting pearls, you can use a towel dipped in some olive oil to wipe them, which can make them bright and maintain the humidity of the pearls, avoiding the surface of the pearls from cracking.

5. When washing hands, the water outlet should be blocked to prevent the ring from being washed down and lost. When using soap, it is important to prevent the soap from seeping into the recesses and making it difficult to rinse.

6. Oil stains and stains accumulate on the surface of diamonds, which can affect their radiance and color. You can immerse the gemstones in lukewarm soapy water, gently wipe them with a soft brush dipped in neutral detergent, and then rinse them with lukewarm water before wiping them dry for storage.

7. It is best not to wear multiple rings on the same hand to avoid friction and damage, nor to wear jewelry of different materials on the same part to prevent each other from staining each other’s colors.

8. When jewelry is not worn, cover it with a cloth when placing it in the jewelry box. Different jewelry should be opened separately to avoid friction and scratches. For example, if diamonds are placed together with other jewelry, they will scratch other jewelry.

9. Cherishing jewelry requires regular maintenance and inspection. You can conduct professional inspections and maintenance, which may incur some costs, but can effectively extend the service life of the jewelry.

1. Jewelry should be frequently replaced, and the same piece of jewelry should be avoided from being worn for a long time, especially in hot weather

In summer, jewelry plating can easily erode due to long-term contact with sweat, so it is best to prepare multiple accessories for frequent replacement.

2. Exposure to chemicals can easily damage jewelry. The fragrance during bathing, the chlorine gas during swimming

The salt in seawater can cause corrosion marks on the jewelry plating, so before bathing or swimming, it is important to

Remove all accessories.

3. Collisions are prone to scratches, so be careful when storing. Do not overlap the accessories and store them in the

The original packaging bag or placed in a jewelry box with independent small compartments to avoid mutual collision and friction

Scratch the surface

4. Clean jewelry from time to time, use a soft fine bristle brush to sweep and wipe the surface of the jewelry to remove the surface

Surface stains.

1. Avoid contact with chemicals, as silver can react with many chemicals, resulting in

Color or peeling coating (such as shower gel, makeup water, soap, especially hot springs and sulfur)

Soap, etc.), which is different from natural oxidation and cannot be treated with silver wiping cloth or silver washing water

After vulcanization, it directly turns black, while when the coating falls off, it will expose the treated yellow and black inside

Learning medium. (Not after the plating wears out, it becomes silver) This situation can only be returned to the original factory for re plating

Restore luster. If it is an ordinary yellow/black color appearing on the surface of the coating, it is contained in the platinum layer

The chemical reaction that occurs with copper can be eliminated by gently wiping with a silver cloth.

2. When cleaning, exercising, etc., try to remove the jewelry as much as possible to avoid damage such as sweat stains

Jewelry Gloss. When sleeping, please try to remove the jewelry as much as possible to avoid crushing or scratching yourself.

Be careful not to come into contact with hard objects, collide or rub, to avoid damaging the coating and not restoring the light of the platinum layer

Bright, especially golden products.

3. Regularly wipe off any sweat or stains on the surface with a soft cotton cloth after wearing.

Silver chains with relatively dense connections should be rinsed with clean water before being wiped dry and placed in a cool place. tooth

Cream and toothbrush are very useful DIY tools. Gently apply a little on the silver chain and use a toothbrush to gently

Brush the silver chain (smooth jewelry is not suitable for toothbrushes to avoid scratches, just use gentle hands)

Rinse thoroughly with clean water, wipe dry and air dry.

4. A chain with a certain curvature when folded in half, belonging to seamless woven silver chain, should be worn more carefully

Be careful. Do not forcefully fold in half, easy to break. Do not wear it for strenuous exercise or sleep,

Easy to break or tear without effort. For example: seamless silver chain, snake bone chain, small accessories

Pin, sesame chain, bamboo chain, etc.

5. If you want to remove it for long-term storage, please clean it thoroughly (such as alcohol) before storing it. Collection

The environment should be a sealed and clean place as much as possible. If it is not treated, it should be collected. Jewelry can be

It can slowly react with the sweat stains left in the jewelry and change color, which will make you

Lost a shiny and beautiful accessory.

Perfume is a favorite thing. People call perfume the second skin of women

However, it may be harmful. Therefore, the principle of spraying perfume first and then wearing accessories should be strictly followed to avoid perfume

The chemical substances left in the hair remain on the jewelry, forming a qualitative change over time. Hair gel and other styling products

Can cause similar damage to accessories.

After a period of time, the jewelry should be cleaned by soaking it in neutral and slightly warm soapy water

Gently brush with a soft bristled toothbrush to remove any grease attached, then rinse with clean water and dry with a hair dryer.

The design of famous brand boutiques often has an unbearable delicacy and beauty, but it is used every day

Without paying attention to maintenance, even precious materials cannot withstand human destruction. As time goes by

Losing the original dazzling light with the passage of time. So, the more expensive the jewelry, the more attention should be paid to it

Care. For example, gold ornaments made of gold, even pure gold, diabetes, hypertension drinks

Eating can also cause changes in the surface under specific circumstances. If using cosmetics or maintenance containing mercury

When tasting, the surface of pure gold may turn brown or grayish white, especially when worn close to the face

Earrings and necklace pendants for cheeks and neck, as many women pour maintenance products into their hands first

The habit of re wiping can easily cause jewelry to come into contact with chemical components, causing discoloration and fading

Elephants will arise, and this is not related to the purity of the jewelry. If the surface of pure gold jewelry changes

Do not use hard objects or tools to forcefully remove, and avoid using a lighter to handle it yourself

Due to incomplete combustion, accessories are prone to blackening.

Crystal products do not require much maintenance, as long as they do not fall or touch, there are almost no major problems. If touched

To stain with oil, you can first wipe with a cotton cloth dipped in diluted alcohol, or use a neutral cleaning agent to wipe

Try again and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Sterling silver jewelry is prone to oxidation and blackening. If you want to maintain its bright luster, wholesale is best to try it out

Wipe with silver cloth or test with silver water at regular intervals to restore the surface as new.

K gold jewelry has won the favor of many consumers with its bright and elegant color and diverse shapes. K

Gold is an alloy formed by the fusion of gold with other metals. According to the different gold content, K gold

It is divided into various specifications such as 18K and 14K. For example, 18K gold is composed of 75% gold and 25% gold

Made by melting other metals. Currently, 18K jewelry is the most popular among domestic K-gold jewelry,

In foreign countries, as long as the style is fashionable and unique, in addition to 18K jewelry, 14K or even 9K, 8

K’s jewelry has become the object of people’s competition. Due to the variety and doping amount of other metals

Different proportions result in different colors of K gold, such as red, green, gray, blue

Black and so on, can be described as rich and colorful.

Gold jewelry is not very delicate, but if not carefully maintained, it will also lose its original luster and

Charm. Generally speaking, the following points should be taken care of:

1. The chemicals in detergent can change the color of gold, so before doing any cleaning work, you should

Remove the gold jewelry.

2. Avoid direct contact with highly volatile substances such as perfume and hair gel, or it may lead to gold

Decoration fading.

3. When swimming, remove the gold jewelry to avoid chemical changes on the surface when it comes into contact with seawater or pool water.

4. When storing, wrap it in a velvet cloth before placing it in the jewelry box to avoid mutual friction and damage.

5. Gold is relatively soft and prone to deformation, so do not pull on jewelry such as necklaces to avoid deformation.

6. Pure gold jewelry will undergo chemical reactions when exposed to mercury, resulting in white spots. When cleaning

Just grill under an alcohol lamp for a while and you can restore the original color.

7. After wearing, gold jewelry often loses its luster due to stains and dust. At this time, as long as

Soak the gold jewelry in a neutral detergent with warm water and clean, then remove and wipe dry.

Pearl jewelry is bright, smooth, and shining, known as the “queen” of jewelry. Wearing Zhen

Pearl jewelry gives people a cold and elegant feeling, and is deeply popular among women.

The main component of pearls is calcium carbonate, with some “keratin” on the surface and a certain proportion

The moisture can emit charming radiance. The color of pearls is generally silver white, blue white, and gray

Color and pink, the unique black pearl world is rare.

Pearls can be divided into natural and cultured pearls, with significant differences in value. When choosing pearl jewelry, of course

The larger the circle, the better, and the colors are silver white, blue white, and pink.

In addition, it is important to distinguish between pearls based on their transparency, surface texture, and presence of cracks

Still raising pearls. The thicker mica is pearl, and some of the round beads are artificially rounded rather than natural

Generation should also pay attention to differentiation. The holes in the pearl chain should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the quality of the beads


Pearl jewelry usually loses its original color and value after being worn for decades, and its lifespan is completed in a hundred years

Fate. Therefore, if you have pearl jewelry, you should wear it without hesitation. Pearls can be obtained

The stimulation of slightly acidic sweat in the human body can slow down the loss of water in the beads. But often wearing it requires

Pay attention to maintenance.

1. When wearing, it is advisable to use a clean soft cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt. this

It is because pearls have weak resistance to acidity and alkalinity and cannot withstand the erosion of sweat.

2. The pearl necklace should not be exposed to the sun, nor should it be mixed with perfume, grease or strong acid

Contact with strong alkali and other chemical substances to prevent pearl from losing luster and fading.

3. When not wearing it, you should first wash it with soap and water containing weakly alkaline substances, and use clean water thoroughly

After cleaning, use a clean soft cloth to wipe it clean, dry it in the shade, and place it in a velvet box to avoid sunlight and prevent damage

Store in a damp place.

K platinum is an alloy with gold as the main component. The fineness is in “K”. Take 18K platinum as an example: it is a silver white metal smelted by 75% pure gold plus 25% white metals such as silver, zinc and nickel. Its specific gravity, hardness, etc. are lower than platinum, and its price is also cheaper than platinum; Platinum is a natural white precious metal with very small global mineral reserves. The emblem of platinum is “Pt”. Taking Pt950 as an example, an alloy made by smelting 95% platinum with 5% palladium or rhodium has a much higher specific gravity and hardness than gold and K-platinum. Due to its color being silver white, just like K platinum. So some merchants use K platinum to impersonate platinum in order to gain more profits! But over time, K platinum will turn yellow! When identifying two materials, one can refer to the clear identification on the jewelry. Platinum is Pt950, while platinum is 750 gold or G18K.

1. Specific gravity: Mosan diamonds are lighter than diamonds, and for materials that are not embedded, it is easy to distinguish between the two using methyl iodine specific gravity solution.

2. Hardness: The hardness of a Mosan diamond is smaller than that of a diamond, so using a diamond hardness tester to perform a scratch test on the surface of the Mosan diamond will leave scratches, while the scratch tester will not leave scratches on the surface of the diamond.

3. Conductivity: 80% of Mozang diamonds are conductive, and common white and light yellow diamonds are non-conductive. Therefore, conductivity meters or Mozang meters can be used to distinguish diamonds from Mozang diamonds.

4. Refractive index: The refractive index and luminous characteristics of a Mosan diamond are different from those of diamonds. Morsang diamond has birefringence, so it is not difficult to see the ghosting of the Morsang diamond’s edges and bottom tips when carefully observed. At this time, when the observation angle is changed, the ghosting will still appear.

5. Biaxial light characteristics: Due to the biaxial light characteristics of the Mosan diamond, the special observation of its ghosting depends on the angle of observation. When viewed from the main facet of the countertop, the ghosting effect is more obvious. Although the countertop is perpendicular to the c-axis of the Mosan diamond crystal axis, the ghosting effect is reduced. Focusing on the bottom tip can still see the reflection ghosting of the countertop and crown facets, which is completely different from the crown reflection of single refracted diamonds.

6. Polishing pattern: The polishing patterns on the waist of the Mosan diamond are parallel to each other, which is completely different from diamonds. Moreover, due to the differences in different directions, the polishing direction needs to be continuously adjusted during the diamond polishing process, while the Mosan diamond can be polished in the same direction. This is particularly evident between adjacent facets.

7. Cutting: Most cut Mosan diamonds have rounded and blunt edges, which is completely different from diamonds with sharp edges.

8. Inclusion: The content of a diamond is different from that of a Mosan diamond. At present, there are some inclusions in all identified Mosang diamonds, which are arranged in a needle parallel manner. Fine parallel arrays of reflected rays can be seen inside some Mausang drills.

Simple style paired with gorgeous and colorful diamonds, set off your beauty with elegant flower shaped rings, and light up our love flowers with the light of diamonds. You let me know that loving you is the immortality of the first century.

18k refers to gold with a gold content of 75%, and the remaining 25% is other precious metals. The color of the metal mainly depends on the ratio of 25% of other metals. Generally in a light yellow white color, for the beauty and durability of jewelry, a layer of plating is often applied to the outer surface of the jewelry. We see that their bright white appearance is actually a coating. Some behaviors in daily life can lead to coating wear. For example, when doing household chores, taking a shower, applying cosmetics, or rubbing against other hard objects, varying degrees of wear and tear can occur. After the coating is worn, it will expose the true color of the metal and show a faint yellow white color, which is a normal phenomenon. As long as the product is inspected and qualified by the quality inspection center, the jewelry content should not be a problem. Many consumers are unaware of this situation when wearing jewelry and mistakenly believe that there is a problem with the quality of the jewelry. Actually, everyone doesn’t need to worry. After this problem occurs, you can directly go to the relevant professional jewelry organization for maintenance, and then clean and electroplate again.

In the world of jewelry, there are pearls, coral, amber, crystal, diamond, opal, red sapphire

There are various types of jewelry such as stones, which are particularly loved by women. How to maintain them

What about it?

Pearls, amber, corals, etc. with lower hardness should be wrapped in a soft cloth for individual storage. fear

Gems such as amethyst, topaz and diamond with ultraviolet light should not be placed in direct sunlight

Because ultraviolet radiation can cause them to fade. As for diamonds, topaz, and eggs

White stone, although highly hard, is prone to fragmentation and should be avoided from violent impact. this

In addition, pearls, opal, amber, coral, tortoise shell and other heat resistant gemstones should be avoided for a long time

Located near the heating system.

When collecting jewelry, one should also be particularly careful, especially for fragile gemstones and

Pearls can be placed separately in different jewelry boxes for individual jewelry items; Gold or sterling silver jewelry

You can wrap it in a velvet cloth before placing it in a large jewelry box to avoid scratches caused by collisions between the accessories


How to keep the decorations from changing color? The simplest way is to remember to put it in when not wearing it

Sealed bags are stored to isolate air and prevent oxidation, making it less prone to discoloration

Coral jewelry can easily dry out and lose its luster, so it’s best to soak it once a week

Secondary oil.

First, soak it in pure water to remove any impurities on the surface. Then soak it in specialized oil

If there is no special oil, soak it in baby oil.

Amber has a low melting point, is prone to melting, is afraid of heat and exposure to sunlight. Amber products should be avoided from direct sunlight

to beam,

It should not be placed in a hot place. Amber is prone to dehydration, while excessive drying can lead to cracking. Amber genus

Organic matter, easily soluble in organic solvents, such as nail polish, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, heavy liquid

Suitable for release

In the makeup cabinet, generally do not use heavy liquid to measure its density or oil immersion method to measure its thickness

Luminous index.

Amber brittleness, low hardness, not suitable for external impact, should avoid friction, scratches, and prevent scratches

Injured, broken.

Cannot be exposed to the scorching sun, let alone naked flames. Do not fall or cut. Stay away from strong acids

Strong alkali. Do not touch spray products, such as hair gel, insecticide, etc. Medium amount of cleaning agent added

Soak in warm water, rub with your hands, rinse and dry.

1. Amber jewelry is afraid of high temperatures. Small accessories should not be left in the sun or in the oven for a long time

Edges that are too dry can easily cause cracks. Try to avoid strong fluctuations in temperature differences.

Although Hipper has been immersed in seawater for millions of years, amber is afraid of strong acids and alkalis.

3. Try not to mix alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, alcohol containing nail polish, perfume, hair

Contact with organic solutions such as adhesives and insecticides. Remove the amber jewelry when spraying perfume or hair gel

Come on.

4. Amber has low hardness and is afraid of falling or bumping. Friction with hard objects can cause surface roughness

Rough, producing fine marks

5. Do not use hard objects such as a brush or toothbrush to clean amber.

6. Amber jewelry should be stored separately and should not be mixed with diamonds, other sharp or hard objects

Put the decorations together.

7. When amber is stained with dust and sweat, it can be placed in warm water with a neutral detergent added

Soak in medium, rinse thoroughly with your hands, and then wipe clean with a soft cloth (such as eyeglass cloth),

Finally, add a small amount of olive oil or tea oil and gently wipe the surface of the amber. Later, use a cloth to remove the excess oil

Stains can be removed to restore luster.

8. Warm toothpaste without sanding particles can be used to remove amber marks. Use with caution.

9. Do not use a supersonic jewelry cleaning machine to clean amber, as it may crush the amber.

The best maintenance is to wear it for a long time, as body oil can make amber brighter and brighter.

Olivine has a brittle nature, which can rupture when suddenly exposed to heat, and its toughness is also relatively poor

If the packaging is not good, there may be damage during transportation due to collisions. Processing jewelry

Be careful not to work under the blowtorch. In addition, olivine is also afraid of acid corrosion. To note

When replacing stones, it is intended to be done gently. An experienced worker is processing olivine

When it comes to jewelry, he carefully removes the stone from the tire before working.

Olivine should not be washed in acid solution as certain chemicals in the solution can damage it

Its surface, if reheated, will cause the entire stone to be destroyed. The best way to clean olivine

The method is to use a brush and gently brush with soapy water in clean water. Clean olivine with steam,

It’s not a good solution, and olivine is not suitable for cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Olivine is prone to scratches, and loose stones should be individually wrapped in a paper bag, such as a

Blocks, inevitably colliding with each other and causing problems

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